Dispositio is the personal blog of Holger Schott Syme.

I teach Shakespeare and friends at the University of Toronto, where I’m also (as of July 2011) chair of the Department of English and Drama on the Mississauga campus. Needless to say, my writings here reflect neither the views of my department (and the people in it) nor those of my university. Hence “personal.”

My posts here will likely deal with politics, academic issues, baseball, and possibly films. At any one time, depending on where my obsessions take me, some of these will dominate and others vanish. And I’ll probably stop posting altogether from time to time as well. We’ll see. My last blog died after one post, so this one’s already a winner.

If you need more details about me, see my website here.


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  1. […] mismo, tiene una activa presencia en línea, en su blog Dispositio y en Twitter. Evidentemente, nada de esto ha impresionado bien al profesor Vickers, quien ha dicho […]

  2. Elizabeth Clarke says:

    Wonderful read. Gospel truth. On the other hand, the shallowness of the G&M’s editorial suggests to me it was written by Margaret Wente.

  3. Paul Stackhouse says:

    Thank you for your rebuttal of the Globe and Mails endorsement of Stephen Harper and the Canadian Republican party. Your argument demonstrates the importance for the need to read critically. The study of English literature is an essential component of learning the skill of reading critically, and ought to be required for all. It is as important as physics and mathematics.

  4. Graydon Gund says:


    We are mounting a production of Measure for Measure set in contemporary New York City. We were wondering if you might be willing to post about the show and possibly mention our kickstarter campaign for the show. We have huge ideas for the production but cannot execute them without the help of our backers. Let me know if you would be willing to try and rally your blogs fans to support us.

    Here is the kickstarter link to the project: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bedlamensemble/measure-for-measure?ref=live

    Thank you,
    Graydon Gund
    Associate Producer, Measure for Measure

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