Once upon a time — more than a decade ago now — I thought I’d be a film maker. As it turned out, I preferred my life as an academic, but today I discovered that two of my short films have been up on Vimeo for a while, thanks to my old D.O.P.’s efforts. Here’s one of them.

11:59 is about a bureaucrat who lives his life by the clock. One day, that clock stops, and his life changes — though not exactly for the better. Enjoy!

11:59 (eng subs) on Vimeo.

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3 Responses to Flickers from the Past

  1. Gevvy Sidhu says:

    Absolutely superb film, sir. A lot of flawless Schott’s.

  2. Holger Syme says:

    You remember that? Pretty complete plot summary… it’s here. (I didn’t write the synopsis…)

  3. Matt Kelly says:

    I remember a rather sweet one that involved people crossing roads and going into cafes.

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